Consignor drop off- Thursday, May 14th 5-8pm

Consignor early shopping – Friday, May 15th 5-8pm

Regular sale shopping hours (PUBLIC)

  • Saturday, May 16th 10-3pm
  • Sunday, May 17th 10-1pm (Half Price Day)

Consignor pick up – Sunday, May 17th 3-5pm


  • Earn 75% of your total sales
  • You set the price of your items 
  • Best Selling Method!  Your items will be viewed by hundreds of shoppers!
  • Consignors shop early before the public!


  • Youth-Adult fitness apparel 
  •  Any sports equipment
  • Athletic shoes  
  • Licensed Sports Apparel (NFL, MLB, NHL)
  • Park district or local team apparel 
  • Fitness equipment 
  • Bikes and bike helmets  
  • Dance and Gymnastics leotards


  • After registering to consign, you will print a bar coded tag for each item that you are selling.
  • Attach the tag to the top right corner of the item with a safety pin or tagging gun. Tagging guns can be purchased on ebay for under $10. If you are using a tagging gun card stock is required for your tags. 
  • When using the tagging gun tag through the size tag only! If there is no size tag, tag through the inside shoulder seam. 
  • Hang all clothing on a hanger so that it faces left and looks like a (?) 
  • Shoes should be tied together with a string, ribbon, or zip tie.
  • You decide if you want to discount your items for the half price day and if you want your items donated to a local charity after the sale.


  • Drop off items at your assigned time at Go For It Sports Dome Thursday, May 14th from 5-8pm
  • Things to Bring:
  • -A business sized self addressed stamped envelope (for us to mail your check)
  • Large empty bin labeled with consignor number if you are NOT donating your unsold items after the sale. 
  • Consignor Agreement– You will need to print and bring the consignor agreement signed when you drop your items off.


  • Pick up will be on Sunday, May 17th from 3-5pm
  • The items marked DONATE, as well as any items left behind will be donated to a local charity.


Jackie Winter/Kim Heitz