NFL Flag Football

Our 2022 Winter Flag Football League provides players the opportunity to learn the basics of flag football in a fun & competitive environment. We put safety first and emphasize positive competition and having fun! In this session, we introduce our NEW 2-Night Mini Camp, where coaches will work with the players to teach them the basics of flag football, as well as specific league rules.

Ages for this session are 5-6yr, 7-9yr, & 10-12yr.


If you have any further questions, please contact our team!

NFL Flag Football Schedule

5 – 6 Year Olds Schedule

FINAL Field Thursday, December 15th
5:15pm Field #1 Jaguars vs Cardinals
5:15pm Field #2 Vikings vs Lions

7 – 9 Year Olds Schedule

FINAL Field Sunday, December 18th
9:00am Field #1 Buccaneers vs Raiders
9:00am Field #2 Colts vs Texans
10:20am Field #1 Falcons vs Rams
10:20am Field #2 Browns vs Commanders

10 – 12 Year Olds Schedule

FINAL Field Sunday, December 18th
11:40am Field #1 Packers vs Steelers
11:40am Field #2 Chiefs vs Bears
1:00pm Field #1 49ers vs Giants
1:00pm Field #2 Bills vs Eagles